June 15, 2024

Wind Power

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Study Finds 11% Dip in Housing Prices Near Wind Turbines
A new Berkeley Lab study finds that sale prices temporarily decrease for property located within a mile of newly announced and newly built utility-scale wind projects.
Ørsted U.S.
DOE Projects Strong Growth for US Wind Industry

The Department of Energy issued three reports on wind-generated electricity, projecting strong but not uniform growth for the nation’s onshore, offshore and distributed wind power sectors.

NREL Creates Renewable Energy Materials Database
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has created a database of materials needed to manufacture wind and solar resources.
NREL Study Finds Wind, Solar Setback Regs Proliferating
A National Renewable Energy Laboratory quantifies the impact of local setback rules on wind and solar development.
Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
Siemens Gamesa Quality Control Problems Growing Worse
Siemens Energy CEO says scope and impact of problem not fully understood, will likely cost $1 billion-plus to fix.
BLM Seeks to Slash Fees for Solar, Wind on Public Land

The U.S. Department of Interior has a plan to empower BLM to cut fees for solar and wind projects on public lands in the West.

Madison Gas and Electric
MISO Defends Renewable Ramping Stance to FERC
In a June 5 response to FERC, MISO defended its plan to bar renewable energy from supplying ramping reserves.
RTO Wind, Solar PPA Offer Prices Continue Rise in 2023
Renewable PPA offer prices continued to rise in the first quarter of 2023, up one-third over a year earlier.
Mortensen Wind Energy Group
FERC Denies Tenaska’s Complaints over Wind Curtailments
FERC has denied a Tenaska complaint alleging that grid operators adopted operating guides, resulting in unduly discriminatory curtailment for its wind farm.
FERC Approves $105K Penalty for Texas Wind Facility Misratings
Texas RE knocked a registered entity for violating NERC’s facility ratings standards, assessing a $105,000 penalty in a settlement with Buffalo Gap Wind Farm.

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