December 9, 2023

winter peak

MISO: Possibility of Winter Emergency in January
In keeping with its winter estimates from previous years, MISO said it could run into trouble in January should it experience high load or high outages.
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ERCOT Searching for 3 GW of Winter Capacity
ERCOT surprised market participants with an announcement that it plans to increase operating reserves by requesting an additional 3,000 MW of capacity to shore up the grid for the upcoming winter.
ISO-NE Increases Peak Load Forecasts
ISO-NE increases 10-year summer and winter peak load predictions, with big gains coming from electrified heating and transportation.
ISO-NE draft 2023 Capacity, Energy, Loads, and Transmission report
ISO-NE Expects Slower, Then Faster, Load Growth
ISO-NE’s revised load forecast sees slower growth in the next few years because of economic turbulence, followed by accelerating growth from electrification.
NYISO Battered but not Bruised this Winter
December’s winter storm and early February’s cold snap challenged the New York grid, but they did not cause any emergencies, NYISO told the Operating Committee.
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ERCOT Briefs: Week of Dec. 12, 2022
ERCOT says it is prepared for a polar blast that is expected to bring sub-freezing temperatures to Texas this weekend.
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ERCOT Says ‘Sufficient’ Capacity to Meet Winter Demand
The ISO's latest seasonal assessment shows it has more than 87 GW on hand to meet a forecast peak demand of 67.4 GW this winter.
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NYISO Monitor: Freezing Weather Could Threaten Eastern NY Reliability
Gas supply to Eastern New York could be limited during freezing weather because demand may exceed interstate pipeline capacity, NYISO’ stakeholders were told.
MISO: Diminished Emergency Possibilities this Winter
MISO expects to easily navigate normal winter conditions with its firm supply but said a worst-case winter storm in January could exhaust emergency reserves.
Smooth December Operations for MISO
December contained unexceptional load and growing energy prices, according to MISO's monthly operations report.

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