November 30, 2023

PJM Board of Managers

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PJM Files Capacity Market Revamp with FERC

Comments are due Nov. 3 on PJM’s proposal, which it said would improve reliability and incentivize resource development while controlling costs.

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PJM Board Releases Outline of Capacity Market Changes
PJM's Board of Managers has adopted a variant of the RTO annual capacity market CIFP proposal, which includes changes to risk modeling, accreditation and capacity performance.
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PJM Members Lobby Board Ahead of Expected CIFP Filing
PJM members recommended various avenues for the RTO's Board of Managers to consider as it weighs a possible FERC filing incorporating components of proposals made during the critical issues fast path process.
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PJM Stakeholders Vote Against All CIFP Proposals
None of the 20 proposals PJM and stakeholders drafted through the critical issue fast path to rework the capacity market garnered sector-weighted support from the Members Committee.
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PJM Stakeholders Finalize CIFP Proposals Ahead of Vote
PJM and stakeholders presented their final CIFP proposals and posted executive summaries explaining how their packages would redesign the RTO's capacity market.
PJM MRC/MC Preview: Aug. 23-24, 2023
The PJM Members Committee will convene a special meeting to vote on 20 proposals to revise the workings of the RTO's capacity market through the critical issue fast path process.
Ohio Legislators Raise Concerns About Cost Impact of Illinois’ CEJA

Ohio lawmakers are raising concerns about how the costs from Illinois’ Climate and Equitable Jobs Act will impact their state's ratepayers.

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PJM Board Rejects Lowering Capacity Performance Penalties
PJM's Board of Managers rejected a proposal to lower nonperformance penalties, while AMP was displeased the board responded to reliability claims.
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PJM CEO, Panelists Address Reliability During Annual Meeting
PJM's CEO said challenges lie ahead for stakeholders as they wrestle with a possible overhaul to the capacity market to address resource adequacy concerns.
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PJM Stakeholders Discuss Monitor Contract Review
PJM stakeholders provided feedback to the Board of Managers on a potential review of the IMM contract during the Markets and Reliability Committee meeting.

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