July 13, 2024


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FERC Urged to Close ‘Regulatory Gap’ on Tx Costs
State regulators and others urged FERC to increase oversight of “local” transmission projects while TOs insisted existing cost controls are sufficient.
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Arkansas PSC’s Thomas Makes Way for His Successor
Arkansas Commissioner Ted Thomas says his recent decision to step down from the state’s regulatory body is simply a matter of making room for his successor.
NPCC Regional Standards Committee Briefs: May 11, 2022
The Northeast Power Coordinating Council’s Regional Standards Committee approved a guidance document on integrating DERs on the bulk power system.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
FERC-State Task Force Considers Clustering, ‘Fast Track’ to Clear Queues
FERC and state regulators embraced cluster studies but gave mixed reviews to fast-track processing as potential solutions to clogged interconnection queues.
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Task Force Seeks ‘Right Balance’ in Spreading Tx Upgrade Costs
The second half of the third meeting of FERC and NARUC's Joint Task Force on Electric Transmission focused on cost allocation for network upgrades.
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FERC-State Tx Task Force Begins Work
The Federal-State Task Force on Electric Transmission convened its first meeting before NARUC with optimism, debates and a sense of urgency.
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Overheard at NARUC Summer Policy Summit 2021
More than 600 people attended the NARUC Summer Policy Summit in person and hundreds more watched via livestream.
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Glick Works to Strengthen Relationship with NARUC
FERC Chair Richard Glick is seeking ‘peace, love and understanding’ with state regulators as work on easing transmission issues begins.

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