December 3, 2023


The Greater Southwestern Exploration Company
AES Fined $6M for CAISO Resource Adequacy Violations
FERC fined independent power producer AES $6 million for failing to fulfill RA obligations related to eight of the company’s 12 generating units operating in Southern California.
KK Stock via Shutterstock
California to Keep Old Gas Plants Operating for Reliability
The California Energy Commission agreed to keep three old, environmentally damaging gas-fired plants operating along the coast for grid reliability, despite an outpouring of opposition.
Regenerate California
Report Criticizes Gas Plant Performance During Calif. Heat Wave
California's gas-fired power plants experienced a surge of curtailments and spiking emissions during last summer's heat wave, according to the report from an in-state environmental coalition.
AES, FirstEnergy Ask to End PPA for Warrior Run Coal Plant
AES and FirstEnergy asked the Maryland PSC to close the Warrior Run coal plant early, which would save consumers money while furthering climate change goals.
AES Ohio
AES Ohio Proposes $145M Project for EV Manufacturing Loads
AES will spend $145 million to build substations and new transmission lines to meet over 1,000 MW in expected load growth from EV manufacturers.
Hawaiian Electric
HECO Cancels Oahu Battery Storage Project
Hawaiian Electric withdrew plans to build a key battery storage system on Oahu; tight deadlines and supply chain issues appear to be the cause.
Robust Renewables Outlook Puts Supply Chain Issues in New Light
U.S. renewable energy deployment is dependent on an import-heavy supply chain, and the outlook for a domestic supply of components isn’t getting better.
Hawaii PUC Approves Kauai Pumped Storage Project
Hawaii's PUC approved construction of the West Kauai Energy Project, a pumped storage hydropower project designed to produce 110 GWh of annual output.
Storage the ‘Linchpin’ to 24/7 Carbon-free Power, Corporate Buyers Say
Reaching the goal of 24-7 carbon-free power will require a dramatic increase in storage to fill gaps in renewable output, large energy users say.
Tony Webster, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr
Hawaii PUC Weighs Oahu Coal Plant Closure Options
A Hawaii PUC status conference provided hope that HECO can find a timely way to fill the void left by the closure of Oahu’s largest electricity source.

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