June 25, 2024

America’s Power

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MISO Members Doubt Severity of Long-term RA Alarm Bells
Multiple MISO members appeared skeptical at their quarterly meetings that the RTO is destined to face capacity shortfalls before the turn of the decade.
NERC: Growing Demand, Shifting Supply Mix Add to Reliability Risks
NERC's Long-Term Reliability Assessment sees some risk for reliability issues in most of the country as the industry has to deal with faster demand growth and shifting supplies of generation.
Panelists Debate PJM Capacity Market at FERC Forum
PJM officials and stakeholders told FERC they oppose abandoning the RTO’s capacity market but disagree over the degree to which it needs to be changed.
EPA Good Neighbor Plan Expected to Accelerate Coal Plant Retirements
EPA announced details of its Good Neighbor Plan to slash emissions of smog-forming nitrogen oxides; the rules will affect power plants in 23 states.
Energy Innovation
Report: IRA Makes Renewables Cheaper than Virtually All US Coal Plants
A new report found that nearly all coal plants studied “are more expensive to run than replacing their generation capacity with either new solar or wind.”
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Stakeholders Weigh in on RTOs’ Responses to Changing System Needs
RTO stakeholders presented FERC with a cornucopia of suggestions for dealing with electrification and the increasing penetration of renewables.
FERC Panelists Talk Cyber, Grid Transformation Challenges
At FERC’s annual reliability technical conference, commissioners focused on work needed to prepare the bulk power system for rapidly developing challenges.

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