December 3, 2023

annual transmission revenue requirement (ATRR)

FERC Briefs: Orders Addressing Arguments Raised on Rehearing
A summary of FERC orders explaining why it denied rehearing request, which are automatically deemed denied unless the commission acts within 30 days.
Western Area Power Administration
FERC Revokes Tri-State’s Market-based Rate Authority in WACM
FERC revoked Tri-State's market-based rate authority in the Western Area Power Administration's Colorado-Missouri balancing authority area.
FERC Remands GridLiance ATRR Settlement
FERC remanded a settlement agreement between SPP and GridLiance High Plains back to the chief administrative law judge to resume hearing procedures.
FERC Audit Finds ALLETE Overcharged Customers
FERC’s Office of Enforcement found that ALLETE overbilled its wholesale transmission customers through improper accounting practices.
Mixed FERC Rulings for SPP Compliance Filings
FERC approved SPP’s affected-system order compliance filing and the RTO's proposal to revise its fast-start pricing practices.
FERC Sets Hearing in Xcel-GridLiance Dispute
FERC set hearing and settlement judge procedures for Xcel Energy’s formal challenge to GridLiance High Plains’ proposed annual transmission revenue requirement.
FERC Accepts SPP, NIPCO Settlement
FERC accepted an uncontested settlement agreement between SPP and NIPCO over the latter’s annual transmission revenue requirement.
SPP MOPC Briefs: July 15-16, 2020
SPP stakeholders once again took a crack to resolve a weighty issue in determining how futures will be considered in the RTO’s 2021 transmission plan study.
FERC Approves SPP’s 2nd Go at Dropping Z2 Credits
FERC approved SPP’s proposal to eliminate revenue credits for sponsored transmission upgrades under Attachment Z2 and replace them with incremental long-term congestion rights.
FERC: Refund Pledge from Nonpublic TOs Unneeded
FERC reversed its earlier stance that would have required nonpublic utility transmission owners in MISO and SPP to explicitly commit to providing refunds.

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