July 13, 2024

battery energy storage systems (BESS)

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Stakeholders Battle over Battery as Proxy in NYISO Demand Curve Reset
NYISO stakeholders are divided over consultants’ proposal to use a two-hour battery as the peaking plant in the ISO’s capacity market demand curve, as part of its quadrennial demand curve reset for 2025-2029. 
DTE to Replace Historic Coal Plant with Batteries
With a capacity of 220 MW and 880 MWh, the Trenton Channel Energy Center is expected to be the largest standalone battery storage site in the Great Lakes region when completed in 2026. 
Elevate Renewables
Lithium-ion Batteries to Replace NYC Peaker Plant
A developer has committed to replacing a fossil-fired peaker plant with a lithium-ion battery system that will, for a while, be New York City's largest.
Counterflow: Long-duration Energy Storage: Reality Check
Carbon-free electricity proponents envision a massive portfolio of wind and solar generation supported by some type of storage. In theory this can work, but the reality is that long-term battery storage isn't practical.
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NY Energy Storage Industry Seeks Faster Path Forward
The promise of doing well for both the environment and the economy and the obstacles to doing so were highlighted as the 2024 edition of New York’s energy storage industry conference opened.
DOE Urges Utilities to Embrace ‘Holistic’ Reliability Solutions
With electricity demand expected to undergo rapid acceleration by 2028, stakeholders must “pursue the full range of technology, planning and operation solutions” to meet resource adequacy needs, the DOE said in a report.
RSTC Speaker Urges Industry Effort on BESS Safety
A fire safety expert told members of a NERC committee that more work is needed to improve the safety of grid-connected battery systems.
Three Mile Bay Fire Company
Insurer: Majority of BESS Failures are in First Two Years
A new report indicates battery energy storage system failures are ramping up with the spread of the technology, and most often occur in new systems. 
Kyle Cheeseman/Three Mile Bay Fire Company
Engineering Firm Finds Quality Problems in BESS Manufacturing
Quality control problems affect a sizable number of new energy storage systems, creating potential safety and performance risks, a new report indicates.
NY Fire Code Updates Recommended for BESS Facilities
A task force formed in the wake of significant fires at three grid-scale battery energy storage systems has recommended new safety protocols for the facilities in New York state.

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