December 9, 2023

battery energy storage systems (BESS)

NERC: Battery Facilities Also Vulnerable to Inverter Faults
A new report from NERC and WECC details issues experienced with inverters at battery facilities in California last year.
NERC Panel Disbands EMP Working Group, OKs Guidance on Grid-forming Storage

NERC will suspend planning to mitigate the impact of an electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear attack, as industry interest has shifted to other priorities.

Pa. PUC Proposes Guidelines for Distribution-level Storage
Pennsylvania regulators approved a policy statement that proposes guidelines for when utilities can use storage resources to increase reliability and resilience on the distribution system.
Green Mountain Power
Green Mountain Power to Expand Mobile Battery Fleet
Green Mountain Power and a Vermont manufacturer received a federal grant to expand the state's mobile battery fleet.
Battery Storage Developers Bump Against Perception of Risk
Residents worry about fire risk from proposed energy storage facility in Long Island.
Medway Grid LLC via Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB)
Mass. Energy Facilities Siting Board Punts on Energy Storage
The agency determined that it lacks jurisdiction over battery energy storage systems, referring such projects to the state's Department of Public Utilities.
Admin Monitor
Texas PUC Briefs: Sept. 15, 2022
Texas regulators are working with the industry to streamline the interconnection processes for all resources at both the transmission and distribution levels.
Hawaiian Electric
HECO Cancels Oahu Battery Storage Project
Hawaiian Electric withdrew plans to build a key battery storage system on Oahu; tight deadlines and supply chain issues appear to be the cause.
Hawaii PUC Approves Kauai Pumped Storage Project
Hawaii's PUC approved construction of the West Kauai Energy Project, a pumped storage hydropower project designed to produce 110 GWh of annual output.
Energy Vault
DOE Targets 90% Cut in Cost of Long-duration Storage
A new initiative at DOE's national labs will use AI and machine learning to cut the time long-duration storage technologies will need to reach commercial scale.

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