April 16, 2024

behind-the-meter generation (BTMG)

FERC Accepts ISO-NE Order 2222 Compliance Filing

FERC accepted ISO-NE’s third compliance filing for Order 2222, ruling that the RTO’s proposal does not pose prohibitive barriers to market participation for distributed energy resource aggregations.

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RTOs Report Diminished Solar Output, Loads as Wildfire Smoke Passes
RTOs in the Northeast are experiencing diminished solar output and lower-than-expected loads as smoke from Canadian wildfires passes over the region.
NEPOOL PC Briefs: May 4, 2023
ISO-NE gave the Participants Committee a review of the past winter and a preview of the next — with and without the Everett LNG terminal.
Brattle Group
Brattle Group Finds VPPs Cheapest Alternative for Resource Adequacy
A Brattle Group study finds virtual power plants are cheaper than other viable options for resource adequacy, namely storage and natural gas peaking plants.
FERC Gives ISO-NE Homework on Order 2222
ISO-NE has more work to do to comply with Order 2222, FERC said, faulting its metering and participation rules for DER aggregations.
SPP Markets and Operations Policy Committee Briefs: Oct. 10-11, 2022
SPP staff have chosen a hybrid approach to improve its transmission and congestion-hedging markets, focusing on equitably allocating congestion rights first.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Study: Solar+Storage Can Be Effective Home Backup
Residential solar-plus-storage systems can in some cases meet nearly all of a home’s critical load during extended power outages, according to a new study.
New England’s Reliability During Heat Wave Came with Emissions Spike
ISO-NE fossil fuel generators burned 6 million gallons of oil during the recent heat wave, resulting in a 50% emissions spike over the same period in 2021.
California PUC Gets Feedback on Net Metering Alternatives
Thirty parties submitted comments to the California PUC on a controversial rooftop solar net-metering decision that the commission is revisiting.
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Home Solar: ‘Gateway Drug’ to Grid Technologies?
Rooftop solar is a good start, but it will take careful design of utility rates to ensure electrification comes with carbon reductions, industry officials say.

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