June 25, 2024

capacity benefit of ties (CBOT)

PJM Presents Preliminary 2023 Reserve Requirement Study to Stakeholders
The 2023 Reserve Requirement Study, which PJM presented to stakeholders, would lead to an uptick in the targeted reserve procurement level.
PJM PC/TEAC Briefs: Oct. 6, 2020
PJM stakeholders endorsed an installed reserve margin of 14.4%, down from 14.8% in 2019, along with new winter weekly reserve targets.
PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Sept. 17, 2020
PJM stakeholders endorsed expanding the use of synchrophasors and making them a requirement for certain projects under the RTEP.
PJM PC/TEAC Briefs: Sept. 1, 2020
The PJM Planning and Transmission Expansion Advisory committees discussed the proposed installed reserve margin for 2021/22.
PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Sept. 26, 2019
PJM's MRC heard about the ongoing search for a new CEO and debated dueling proposals from the RTO and Enel X to update load management testing requirements.

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