June 13, 2024

capacity market

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PJM Files Capacity Market Revamp with FERC

Comments are due Nov. 3 on PJM’s proposal, which it said would improve reliability and incentivize resource development while controlling costs.

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PJM Board Releases Outline of Capacity Market Changes
PJM's Board of Managers has adopted a variant of the RTO annual capacity market CIFP proposal, which includes changes to risk modeling, accreditation and capacity performance.
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PJM Continues CIFP Discussion of Seasonal Capacity Market Proposal
PJM continued its presentation of its proposal to overhaul the capacity market during a June 21 Critical Issue Fast Path process meeting.
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FERC Order May Delay MISO’s 1st Seasonal Capacity Auction
MISO will likely delay its capacity auction by at least a month after FERC issued a show-cause order regarding a capacity ratio the RTO is required to publish.
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NECA Panelists Talk Capacity Market, DERs
A panel of energy experts took ISO-NE’s capacity market to task, lambasting the region’s Forward Capacity Market and offering ideas about how to improve it.
ISO-NE: FERC Delay Sets Back DER Capacity Market Participation
FERC’s delayed response to ISO-NE means that distributed energy resources won’t have a new way to participate in the grid operator’s next capacity auction.
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Former Regulators: Demand Response Key to Midwest Capacity Crisis
Two former FERC chairmen are pessimistic that MISO will be able to reign in shortages or high capacity prices anytime soon.
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Proposed ERCOT Market Redesigns ‘Capacity-ish’ to Some
Texas regulators are pushing a performance credit mechanism that requires load-serving entities to buy performance-based credits from generation resources.
Sen. Ed Markey via Twitter
Mass. Democrats Take on ISO-NE over MOPR
Sen. Ed Markey has set his sights on ISO-NE, accusing the grid operator of being part of an "oil and gas conspiracy."
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EPSA Panel Debates Role of ISOs, RTOs in Decarbonization
Organized power markets may be more successful at decarbonizing the energy supply, but they face challenges in meeting ambitious policy goals, experts say.

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