July 19, 2024


NERC Standards Committee Organizes for New Year
NERC's Standards Committee welcomed new members to its executive committee, while taking action on several standards projects.
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FERC, NERC Conference Addresses Security Challenges
Panelists at a FERC-NERC technical conference said they oppose mandatory minimum security rules on critical facilities to protect against physical attacks.    
FERC Rejects Call for CIP Standard Updates
FERC rejected a call for new physical security standards while clarifying its cybersecurity incentives order.
NERC, Trade Groups Oppose Call for Quick Fix on CIP Standards
NERC and industry trade groups asked FERC to reject a call to change how assets are classified under the Critical Infrastructure Protection standard.
NERC Says Changes Coming to Physical Security Standards
NERC will consider changes to its reliability standard for physical security in response to the threat of violence against grid assets.
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NERC Balks at Expansion of Cyber Rules
NERC will not support expanding physical security standards to all major BPS assets when it files comments with FERC next month, a senior official told EPSA.
Federal and State Regulators Look into How to Improve Grid Security
The sixth meeting of the Joint Federal State Task Force on Transmission focused on securing the grid against physical attacks.
Duke Energy
Duke: NC Outages from Attacks May Last Until Thursday
More than 33,000 customers remain without power in Moore County, N.C., following apparent attacks on two of Duke Energy’s substations over the weekend.
foam, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Changes to CIP-014 Receive FERC Approval
FERC approved NERC's removal of language from CIP-014 requiring compliance evidence to be stored on site.

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