December 2, 2023

Consolidated Transmission Owners Agreement (CTOA)

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FERC Accepts PJM CTOA Revisions
FERC on Tuesday accepted revisions to PJM's Consolidated Transmission Owners Agreement, changing voting rules at the TOA-AC.
FERC Rejects Challenges to Decision on EOL Projects in PJM
FERC rejected challenges to its December decision regarding end-of-life projects in PJM but opened the door for a future challenge.
FERC Rejects PJM Stakeholder EOL Proposal
FERC rejected a PJM joint stakeholder proposal regarding EOL projects, siding with transmission owners who argued the proposal violated their rights.
FERC Accepts PJM TOs’ End-of-life Revisions
FERC accepted PJM Transmission Owners’ Tariff amendments governing end-of-life projects, a proposal that was hotly contested by stakeholders.
UPDATE: TOs Demand PJM Reject EOL Proposal
PJM transmission owners demanded that the RTO refuse to submit to FERC the end-of-life proposal approved by stakeholders.
TOs: PJM ‘At a Crossroads’ on Eve of EOL Vote
PJM transmission owners warned in a strongly worded letter that “PJM is at a crossroads” with an upcoming sector-weighted vote on end-of-life projects.
PJM End-of-life Tx Proposals Near Vote
PJM stakeholders debated for nearly two hours over three proposals to address transmission owners’ spending on end-of-life projects.
PJM PC/TEAC Briefs: April 14, 2020
PJM told the Planning Committee it stands behind seeking approval of a regional market efficiency project process without developing cost allocation rules.
LS Power Challenges PJM on MEP, SATA
LS Power is challenging PJM over a new regional targeted market efficiency project process and AEP's proposed storage-as-transmission asset project.
Rehearing Denied on PJM Designated Entity Agreements
PJM’s incumbent transmission owners must sign designated entity agreements just the same as the nonincumbent developers building projects in their zones.

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