June 21, 2024

Consumer Advocates of the PJM States (CAPS)

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PJM Members Committee Briefs: May 6, 2024
The Members Committee voted to re-elect three members of the PJM Board of Managers, even though several advocates voted against the re-elections to express their frustration.
PJM MRC Briefs: April 25, 2024
The PJM Markets and Reliability Committee delayed voting on a proposal to establish a multi-scenario long-term transmission planning process to allow stakeholders to see what action FERC may take on regional planning.
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PJM Board Asks Members to Consider Endorsing RTO Filing Rights over Planning
PJM is considering endorsing revisions to its governing documents to transfer filing rights for regional transmission planning from the membership to the board.
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PJM MRC/MC Briefs: March 20, 2024
The PJM MRC rejected four proposals to rework how the RTO measures and verifies the capacity EE providers can offer into the market.
PJM: Grid Performed Well During January Winter Storm
PJM said the grid maintained reliability through nearly a week of harsh winter conditions during the winter storm that blanketed much of the nation in mid-January.
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OPSI Urges Reliability Coordination Between PJM, States
The Organization of PJM States urged the PJM Board of Managers to work closer with member states to find holistic solutions to reliability challenges posed by rising load and generation retirements.
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PJM Recommends $5B in RTEP Transmission Projects
PJM has presented a package of transmission projects to address growing data center load and several generation retirements. The proposal, which requires Board of Managers approval, would fulfill the 2023 RTEP Window 3.
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PJM Stakeholders Finalize CIFP Proposals Ahead of Vote
PJM and stakeholders presented their final CIFP proposals and posted executive summaries explaining how their packages would redesign the RTO's capacity market.
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PJM MRC/MC Briefs: June 22, 2023
PJM stakeholders endorsed a proposal to create a cost recovery mechanism for generators which are required to make facility upgrades.
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Future of Grid Planning Debated at Infocast Transmission Summit
The industry must improve planning to account for changing resources and new load patterns, said experts at Infocast’s Transmission & Interconnection Summit.

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