July 15, 2024


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PJM MIC Briefs: June 5, 2024
PJM’s Market Implementation Committee endorsed by acclamation a proposal to add two energy market parameters for economic demand response.
PJM MIC Briefs: March 6, 2024
PJM's Market Implementation Committee endorsed a PJM proposal to revise how it measures and verifies the capacity that energy efficiency resources may enter into Base Residual Auctions.
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CPower Event Charts the Future of Virtual Power Plants
CPower hosted an event outside D.C. that charted the demand response's industry's evolution to a virtual power plant model that can help the industry manage the growing share of DERs coming onto the grid.
Report Touts Value of Demand Response, Flags Challenges Facing It
A Wood Mackenzie and CPower report highlights the importance of demand response and distributed energy resources in ensuring grid reliability.
FERC Fines CPower $2.5M over ISO-NE Capacity Payments
CPower has agreed to a $2.5 million penalty after FERC's enforcement division found the company took capacity payments in violation of ISO-NE rules.
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‘Beautiful Symphony’ or Bust on Order 2222, Advocates Say
DER industry advocates at the RE+ Northeast conference said there's room, and time, for improvement on ISO-NE's Order 2222 filing with FERC.
FERC Denies CPower Waivers for FCA 14
FERC denied CPower’s two waiver requests to allow its seven summer-only distributed solar demand capacity resources to participate in ISO-NE’s FCA 14.
FERC Denies CPower DR Audit Waiver
FERC denied CPower’s request for a one-time waiver to replace the results of a failed demand response audit.
UPDATED: PJM to Seek FERC OK for Seasonal Capacity Proposal
PJM officials said they will seek FERC approval of the RTO’s seasonal capacity proposal despite a lack of stakeholder consensus.

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