December 7, 2023

debt ceiling

Lawmakers, White House Promise More Work on Permitting After Debt Deal
Debt deal limits page counts and time on environmental reviews under the National Environmental Policy Act, but other work remains, and frustrations surface.
Speaker Kevin McCarthy
Debt Ceiling Bill Provides ‘Mini-deal’ on Permitting
A debt ceiling compromise reached by President Biden and House Speaker McCarthy would cut NEPA review times but would not roll back IRA climate provisions.
Senate EPW Committee
Carper Throws Progressive Bill into Senate Permitting Debate
Sen. Tom Carper's PEER Act would expand FERC’s permitting role; Republican bills have opposed the move.
David Maiolo, CC BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia
Congressional Republicans Seek Changes to Biden’s Energy Policies
Congressional Republicans stepped up attacks on the Biden Administration's energy policies this week, attempting to leverage the debt ceiling to force change.

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