July 13, 2024


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DC Circuit Sends FERC Back to Drawing Board on MISO ROE
The battle over MISO transmission owners’ return on equity continued with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals vacating FERC’s order setting the rate at 10.02%.
FERC Stands by 10.02% ROE
Transmission owners will continue receiving a 10.02% ROE, FERC said, rejecting complaints from consumer organizations and Commissioner Glick.
FERC Ups MISO TO ROE, Reverses Stance on Models
FERC lifted MISO transmission owners’ base return on equity from 9.88% to 10.02% and allowed them to add a third calculation model into the mix.
TOs Challenge New MISO ROE Rules
FERC’s new method for calculating transmission ROE drew requests for rehearing from TOs perplexed it would use a MISO-centric order to set national policy.
NEPOOL Transmission Committee Briefs: Dec. 17, 2019
NEPOOL focused on how to apply transmission charges to a storage resource when it is charging for later resale and not providing a service.
FERC Adopts ROE Methodology in MISO Complaints
FERC adopted a new methodology for calculating return on equity rates for transmission owners and applied it to two MISO proceedings.
FERC Extends New ROE Policy to MISO; Seeks Comments
FERC moved to apply its proposed new methodology for calculating transmission owners’ return on equity rates to dockets in MISO and the South.
FERC: MISO, SPP Need Refund Requirements for Nonpublic Utilities
FERC ordered ordered Section 206 proceedings in MISO and SPP, questioning the RTOs’ failure to require nonpublic TOs to provide refunds in the manner it requires of public utility owners.

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