July 20, 2024


FERC Sets Dynegy’s MISO Market Manipulation Case for Hearing
Nearly a decade after the MISO capacity auction in which Dynegy was found to have manipulated clearing prices, FERC has directed hearing and settlement procedures in the case.
FERC to Take 2nd Look at 2015 MISO Capacity Auction
FERC said it will take another look into whether Dynegy manipulated pricing in MISO’s 2015/16 capacity auction and violated federal laws.
FERC Shelves Grievances over MISO Capacity Auction
FERC denied what might be a final bid to recalibrate the results of MISO’s 2015/16 capacity auction, blocking Public Citizen’s request for rehearing.
Public Citizen Contests FERC Ruling on MISO Auction
Public Citizen asked FERC to rehear its ruling dismissing complaints over MISO’s 2015/16 capacity auction, saying it failed to justify its findings.
FERC Clears MISO 2015/16 Auction Results
FERC capped a three-year-old investigation into MISO’s 2015/16 Planning Resource Auction by finding no market manipulation on Dynegy’s part.
MISO Members to Vote on Change to Capacity Export Limits
MISO stakeholders will vote on whether to broaden export limits for its upcoming capacity auction after WPPI Energy called for the RTO to act.
FERC OKs MISO Use of PJM Cost Estimates for Mitigation
FERC said that MISO can use the PJM technology-specific reference levels for market mitigation in its 2017/18 capacity auction.
MISO Moves Forward on Auction Design; Seasonal Filing Delayed Again
MISO will not yield on a planned July filing for capacity auction design changes, while a filing to add seasonal and locational constructs will be delayed.
MISO Fields More Capacity Auction Questions
MISO continues to move forward with modifications to its capacity market even as some stakeholders question the need for the proposed auction changes.
MISO Seeks Adjustments on Capacity Import Limits
MISO told FERC that it needs to adjust the formulas in its calculation of capacity import limits to avoid reliability problems.

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