July 24, 2024


FERC Upholds Decision on MISO-SPP Overlapping Charges
FERC has upheld its order that MISO and SPP fix their overlapping congestion charges on pseudo-ties despite a rehearing request from MISO.
MISO, SPP Ordered to Resolve Overlapping Charges
FERC ruled last week that pseudo-tied loads and resources between MISO and SPP are subject to overlapping congestion charges.
FERC Orders Tech Conference on MISO-SPP Congestion
FERC ordered a technical conference to investigate overlapping congestion charges imposed on pseudo-tie transactions between MISO and SPP.
FERC Sets Briefings on MISO, SPP Congestion Fees
FERC established briefing procedures for MISO and SPP as it investigates “overlapping and duplicative” congestion charges on pseudo-tie transactions.
SPP Seams Steering Committee Briefs: Oct. 4, 2017
SPP stakeholders discussed a recent AEP complaint filed at FERC against the RTO and MISO related to overlapping congestion charges for pseudo-ties.

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