July 23, 2024


FERC Denies Rehearing on SPP Tx Cost Shifts
FERC denied a rehearing request by SPP transmission owners of its earlier decision on the allocation of transmission costs.
FERC Rejects NPPD Objection to Tri-State Zonal Placement
FERC approved SPP’s proposed Tariff revisions to incorporate Tri-State Generation as a new transmission owner in an existing pricing zone.
FERC Rejects TO Complaint on SPP Zonal Placements
FERC denied a complaint by SPP transmission owners that the RTO’s transmission zonal placement is unjust and unreasonable.
SPP Tx Owners Take Zonal Placement Concerns to FERC
KCP&L is fulfilling its promise to take legal action against SPP for how the RTO allocates costs to customers after a new transmission owner joins a zone.

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