May 23, 2024


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Synchronized Reserve Pricing Falls in PJM Markets After Overhaul
Synchronized reserves have seen a drop in prices since PJM implemented market overhauls at the start of October, the RTO says.
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IMM Offers Mixed Review of PJM Quadrennial Review Docket
The IMM offered limited support for major provisions in PJM’s quadrennial review filing before FERC while urging the agency seek revisions to some proposals.
PJM Market Implementation Committee Briefs: Aug. 10, 2022
The MIC approved an initiative to change the determination of zonal load bus distribution factors and heard first read on changes to VOM cost development.
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FERC Accepts PJM Historical E&AS Offset Compliance
FERC accepted PJM’s compliance filing restoring the historical energy and ancillary services revenue offset used in the RTO’s capacity market.
FERC Approves PJM Capacity Auction Date Changes
FERC approved PJM's revised schedule for the upcoming Base Residual Auctions, incremental auctions and the associated pre-auction deadlines.
FERC Clarifies Order on PJM Reserve Market Changes
FERC clarified that its order on remand partially reversing PJM’s proposed energy price formation revisions did not remove the RTO’s reserve price caps.
FERC Reverses Itself on PJM Reserve Market Changes
PJM's upcoming 2023/24 BRA is set to be delayed again after FERC partially reversed its 2020 decision on the RTO’s energy price formation revisions.
FERC Affirms Findings on PJM E&AS Offsets
FERC explained why it would not reconsider revenue calculations in PJM’s capacity market, saying it did want to further delay the RTO's upcoming auction.
FERC Approves PJM Key Capacity Market Variable
PJM moved closer to restarting its capacity auctions with FERC’s approval of its new energy and ancillary services revenue offset calculation
FERC Approves PJM Reserve Market Overhaul
FERC approved PJM’s proposed energy price formation revisions, agreeing with the RTO that its reserve market was not functioning as intended.

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