June 24, 2024


Settlement over PJM Elliott Penalties Receives Broad Support
Several generation companies have submitted comments supporting and opposing a proposed settlement to reduce the $1.8 billion PJM assessed against market sellers for underperforming during Winter Storm Elliott by 23%.
PJM OKs 32% Cut in Elliott Penalties in Proposed Settlement
PJM agreed to reduce its nonperformance penalties 31.7% for generators that could not meet their capacity obligations during the December 2022 winter storm.
Settlement Possible Between PJM And Several Generation Owners over Winter Storm Complaints
Several generation companies and PJM have indicated that they will finalize a settlement over the performance penalties the RTO assessed following Winter Storm Elliott.
FERC Sends Elliott Complaints Against PJM to Settlement Judge
FERC OK'd settlement judge procedures to resolve complaints that generators filed against PJM’s assessment of penalties for underperformance in December 2022.
PJM Urges FERC to Deny Winter Storm Complaints
PJM says if FERC heeds Capacity Performance charge complaints stemming from storm power outages, it will undermine key aspects of reliability.
PJM Seeks Settlement over Elliott Nonperformance Penalties
PJM asked FERC to initiate settlement judge procedures in its dispute with generators over nonperformance penalties for Winter Storm Elliott.

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