April 21, 2024

Electric Gas Coordination Senior Task Force (EGCSTF)

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PJM Stakeholders Open Poll on Proposal to Align Electric and Gas Markets
A joint package brought forward by PJM, Dominion Energy and Gabel Associates would add intraday real-time commitment runs to the day-ahead market ahead of the three gas nomination cycle deadlines
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FERC Continues Deliberations on PJM Real-time Values
FERC deferred making a decision on PJM’s proposal in response to a 2021 order directing the RTO to show cause as to why its rules regarding parameter-limited offers are just and reasonable.
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PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Sept. 20, 2023
PJM's Markets and Reliability Committee endorsed issue charges, opening stakeholder discussions on generator deactivation timelines and a potential overhaul of the reserve markets during its Sept. 20 meeting.
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PJM Stakeholders Complete 2nd Phase of CIFP
PJM wrapped up the second phase of its critical issue fast path process to address RA concerns with two meetings on proposed changes to the capacity market.

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