November 30, 2023

energy efficiency

NJ BPU Backs Building Decarbonization Plan Despite Opposition
New Jersey regulators agreed to vigorously promote a statewide shift from fossil-fuel space and water heating systems to electric appliances.  
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PNNL: ‘Households Do Not Make Rational Decisions’ on EE Upgrades
Comfort and safety — not cost or environmental impact — is the top driver for people considering energy efficiency upgrades, according to a new PNNL study.
Delmarva Power & Light Co.
Counterflow: Vampire Power
Big savings from unplugging vampire power are as much a fantasy as, well, vampires, says columnist Steve Huntoon.
The White House
Biden 2023 Budget Includes Billions for Clean Energy, GHG Reductions
President Joe Biden’s $5.8 trillion federal budget request for 2023 contains a raft of line items aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions.
DOE’s ‘Better Climate Challenge’ Targets 50% Emission Reductions
More than 90 companies, governments, universities and other organizations pledged to cut their GHG emissions 50% by 2030 in DOE's Better Climate Challenge.
Connecticut Power and Energy Society
Overheard at Connecticut Power and Energy Society’s 2021 Fall Conference
The Connecticut Power and Energy Society's fall conference focused on equity and inclusion as drivers of "the future of energy."
IEA Calls on World Leaders to Close Net-zero ‘Ambition Gap’
IEA released its annual World Energy Outlook a month earlier than usual as a guide for policymakers ahead of the U.N.'s Glasgow conference in November.
Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation
DOE Puts $16 Million into Community Clean Energy Plans
The Department of Energy's LEAP program will provide technical assistance to help environmental justice, low-income and coalfield communities develop clean energy projects.
Va. Electrification Project Cuts Emissions, Utility Bills for LMI Customers
A pilot project in Virginia found that electrification retrofits on low- and moderate-income homes cut energy consumption but not always costs and carbon emissions. 
Collaboration, Cultural Shift Key to Utility Transformation
Decarbonizing the U.S. grid will also mean overcoming communities’ aesthetic objections to large projects, Seattle City Light CEO Debra Smith told SEPA.

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