December 3, 2023


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PJM MOPR Challenge May Set Legal Precedent on FERC Deadlocks
Legal challenges to the PJM MOPR do not just concern the RTO and its capacity market; they could set a precedent for how courts review tie votes at FERC.
PJM MIC Briefs: Feb. 9, 2022
PJM delayed a vote at the Market Implementation Committee meeting on a proposal addressing pseudo-modeled combined cycle minimum run time guidance.
FERC Declines Rehearing of PJM MOPR; Ball now in 3rd Circuit Court
FERC declined rehearing requests of its inaction on PJM’s narrowed MOPR after a 2-2 tie vote, setting up further action in appellate court.
P3 Seeks 3rd Circuit Review of PJM MOPR
The PJM Power Providers Group petitioned the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals to review PJM’s narrowed MOPR after FERC deadlocked on the RTO’s proposal.
Ørsted, PSEG
MOPR Rehearing Requests Set Stage for Appellate Review
PJM's narrowed minimum offer price rule, which took effect Sept. 29 after a 2-2 FERC deadlock, is likely headed for an appellate court review.
‘Good Riddance’ to Old PJM MOPR, Glick Says
Chair Richard Glick said “good riddance” to PJM’s old MOPR after FERC deadlocked on the proposed replacement, causing it to automatically go into effect.
SEEM to Move Ahead, Minus FERC Approval
FERC announced on Wednesday the Southeast Energy Exchange Market will move ahead after the evenly split commission failed to reach a decision in time.
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FERC Deadlock Allows Revised PJM MOPR
PJM’s narrowed MOPR will be effective in the RTO's next capacity auction after FERC deadlocked 2-2 on the proposal.
Paradise Energy Solutions
PJM, Stakeholders Respond to MOPR Replacement Challenges
PJM and its stakeholders continue to jostle over the impact of the proposed replacement for the expanded MOPR as responses continue to be filed at FERC.
Mixed Stakeholder Reception to PJM MOPR Replacement
More than two dozen comments poured in to FERC regarding PJM’s proposed replacement for the extended minimum offer price rule.

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