November 30, 2023

fixed resource requirement (FRR)

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PJM Completes CIFP Presentation; Stakeholders Present Alternatives
PJM completed its delivery of a sprawling presentation outlining its envisioned overhaul of the capacity market, followed by stakeholder presentations from Calpine, Daymark Energy Advisors and the East Kentucky Power Cooperative.
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PJM Capacity Prices Jump in 5 Regions
PJM capacity prices dropped in much of the RTO for delivery year 2024/25, but ratepayers in five regions will face increases due to locational constraints.
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PJM Board Initiates Fast-track Process to Address Reliability
PJM’s Board of Managers is opening an accelerated stakeholder process to address rising reliability concerns about the RTO’s capacity market.
IMM Report: PJM Capacity Auction Results not Competitive
The results of PJM’s 2022/23 Base Residual Auction were not competitive, according to a report released last week by the RTO’s Independent Market Monitor.
PJM Stakeholders Approve RASTF Issue Charge
The PJM MRC approved an updated issue charge for the Resource Adequacy Senior Task Force after debating its out-of-scope items, including demand response.
NJ BPU Accepts Continued PJM Capacity Market Participation — for Now
The New Jersey BPU voted unanimously to accept the final version of a staff report recommending the state continue in PJM’s capacity market — for now.
Capacity Prices Drop Sharply in PJM Auction
Capacity prices in most of PJM dropped by nearly two-thirds for 2022/23, with EMAAC and SWMAAC recording their lowest prices ever.
PJM Monitor: Dominion Exit Likely to Cut Capacity Prices Outside Va.
PJM ratepayers will likely see capacity prices drop as a result of Dominion’s decision to exit the market, according to a report by the RTO’s Monitor.
PJM Defends Dominion FRR Filing
PJM defended its handling of Dominion Energy’s decision to opt out of the May 19 capacity auction, asking FERC to reject a complaint by LS Power.
LS Power Challenges Dominion FRR Plan
LS Power asked FERC to block Dominion from opting out of PJM’s capacity auction, saying the RTO violated its rules by accepting the utility’s FRR election.

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