May 23, 2024


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Nev. Regulators to Weigh Approaches to RTO Membership

NV Energy and several stakeholder groups have weighed in on how Nevada regulators should evaluate a request from the utility to join a day-ahead market or RTO.

Brattle Group
Brattle Group Finds VPPs Cheapest Alternative for Resource Adequacy
A Brattle Group study finds virtual power plants are cheaper than other viable options for resource adequacy, namely storage and natural gas peaking plants.
New Jersey’s 3-year Energy Efficiency Plan Faces Scrutiny
A New Jersey plan to promote energy efficiency and provide measurable benefits to users encountered scrutiny over cost and effectiveness at two state hearings.
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Decarbonizing the Grid Faces Hurdles Despite Recent Laws
Experts explained to ACORE's Policy Forum what hurdles remain to be overcome after Congress passed the most ambitious clean energy legislation last year.
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NARUC Panel Calls for Clean Energy, GHG Emissions Tracking Standards
Clean energy buyers all face a common challenge: figuring out how to keep track of both the clean energy they use and the carbon emissions they cut.
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PJM EIS Announces New Hourly Clean Energy Certificates
The PJM subsidiary that manages its registry of clean energy certificates will release a new product broken down by the hour in which the energy was created.
New England Electricity Restructuring Roundtable
Experts Call for More Granular Clean Energy Procurement
Experts extolled the virtues of more granular clean energy purchasing at Raab Associates’ New England Electricity Restructuring Roundtable.
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RTOs, Utilities Push Back on Interconnection Deadlines, Penalties
RTOs and others opposed FERC's proposed penalties for missing interconnection study deadlines while generation developers balked at commercial readiness rules.
DC Green Bank
‘Dragonscale’ Solar Shingles Will Power DC Community Solar Project
The “dragonscale” solar shingles that power Google’s massive campus in Silicon Valley will soon produce power on the rooftop of a multifamily building in D.C.
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Corporate Buyers Decry Renewable Caps in Southeast, Renew Call for Market
Utilities in the Southeast are cleaning up their generation fleets, but large consumers say the monopolies remain an obstacle to their decarbonization goals.

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