June 16, 2024

GreenHat Energy

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PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Sept. 21, 2022
PJM's MRC rejected two proposals intended to allow market sellers to represent a greater degree of the risk they take on when entering the capacity market.
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PJM Markets and Reliability Committee Briefs: Aug. 24, 2022
Load interests continued to oppose PJM’s proposal to change the market seller offer cap, a month after it failed to meet the two-thirds endorsement threshold.
FERC OKs GreenHat Settlements
The principals of GreenHat Energy will pay PJM $1.4 million to settle claims over the company’s FTR market default, which cost members nearly $180 million.
FERC Proposes Allowing RTOs to Share Credit-related Info
FERC proposed allowing RTOs to share credit information about market participants, fulfilling a request the grid operators made at a 2021 technical conference.
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PJM Requests Rehearing of FTR Credit Requirement Filing
PJM asked FERC to rehear a decision that rejected the RTO’s plan to modify its financial transmission rights credit requirement calculation.
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Stakeholders Encourage PJM to Defend FTR Filing
Stakeholders urged PJM to hold its ground on collateral requirements for FTR traders, saying it should offer more support for a proposal that FERC rejected.
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FERC Accepts PJM ARR/FTR Market Changes
FERC accepted PJM’s revisions intended to increase transparency into and the efficiency of the RTO’s ARR and financial FTR markets.
FERC Rejects PJM’s FTR Credit Requirement Proposal
FERC rejected PJM’s proposal to modify the FTR rights credit requirement and opened a show-cause proceeding to examine the existing requirement.
FERC Denies Motion of Kittell Estate in GreenHat Case
FERC denied a motion from the estate one of the owners of GreenHat Energy for the commission to drop its enforcement action.
PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Nov. 17, 2021
PJM has proposed changes to a stakeholder-endorsed proposed on solar-battery hybrid resources after consulting with FERC staff.

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