April 17, 2024

Hudson Transmission Partners

DCO Energy
NY Stakeholders Balk at NJ OSW Cost Allocation
New York stakeholders are challenging a PJM rule change they say could hit them with some of the cost of New Jersey's transmission upgrades for offshore wind.
Power Engineers
DC Circuit Faults FERC on Cost Allocation of New Jersey Transmission Projects
The D.C. Circuit rejected PJM’s “de minimis” exemption under its DFAX cost allocation and ordered FERC to explain its OK of DFAX's use in two N.J. projects.
FERC Rejects Cost Formula for NJ Merchant Tx
FERC ruled two merchant transmission operators in New Jersey are liable for cost allocations under PJM’s RTEP despite converting from firm to non-firm.
FERC Rebuffs Challenges to PJM Tx Cost Allocation
In a trio of orders, FERC again rejected challenges to PJM’s transmission cost allocation methods in a long-running dispute in New Jersey.
FERC Upholds Orders on PJM Tx Withdrawal Rights
FERC declined to rehear its order directing PJM to allow two merchant transmission operators to convert some transmission withdrawal rights to non-firm.
Joseph Jingoli & Son
FERC Ties up Loose Ends in NJ Merchant Tx Saga
FERC confirmed its denial of requests to change two merchant transmission facilities’ interconnection agreements.
Fré Sonneveld/Unsplash
FERC OKs PJM RTEP Allocations, Sets TMEP 206 Proceeding
FERC approved part of PJM’s cost responsibility assignments for its updated RTEP, but rejected cost allocations for four cross-border projects.
PSE&G on the Hook for Bergen-Linden Costs
FERC denied a complaint from the New Jersey BPU to reallocate the Bergen-Linden Corridor project’s costs, leaving PSEG to pay for most of it.
Joseph Jingoli & Son
NJ Merchant Tx Operators Win Relief on Upgrade Costs
PJM must amend interconnection service agreements to allow two merchant transmission facilities to convert from firm to non-firm service, FERC ruled.
Rejecting PJM ‘Wheel’-related Requests, FERC Sets Inquiry
FERC rejected a request by PJM to allow Linden VFT to convert the 330 MW of firm transmission on its lines between PJM and NYISO to non-firm.

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