July 15, 2024


Counterflow: Offshore Wind Backbone Transmission
DOE released a study of offshore wind transmission. In no way does this study establish, or even claim, that offshore wind makes economic sense, according to Steve Huntoon.
DOE Report, Funding Seek to Break down Barriers to Grid Innovation

Utilities are rolling out new GETs projects, DOE officials said, but “there are more than 3,000 utilities in the United States, and a few excellent projects won’t get us where we need to be.”

Report Extols the Benefits HVDC Lines Offer the Grid
A report released by ACORE and Grid United highlighted how Europe is using HVDC transmission lines to advance its decarbonization efforts and explained how the U.S. could do the same.
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Experts Urge MISO to Consider New 765 kV and HVDC Lines
Presenters at a special two-day meeting of the Planning Advisory Committee advised MISO to consider recommending 765 kV and HVDC transmission lines.
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IPF Panel: MSSC Limits Could Cut OSW Power Coming Onshore
Offshore wind will produce thousands of megawatts of electric power, way more than the onshore transmission system is currently able to absorb, an expert says.
Champlain Hudson Power Express
Champlain Hudson Power Project Receives Landmark Delivery
Thirteen years after the Champlain Hudson Power Express was proposed, the first shipment of HVDC cable needed to build it arrived in New York on Thursday.
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FERC Again Prohibits MISO TOs from Financing Merchant Upgrades
FERC upheld its prior ruling blocking MISO transmission owners from electing to self-fund network upgrades needed for merchant HVDC lines.
Invenergy Announces Grain Belt Express Expansion
Invenergy announced that it will supplement the HVDC Grain Belt Express transmission line to deliver 25% more power than originally planned.
SOO Green
FERC Blocks MISO Self-fund Rule for Merchant HVDC Line Upgrades
FERC rejected a transmission owner self-funding option for HVDC projects in a decision that could save millions for developers like SOO Green.
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US Interstate Highways: A NIMBY-free Corridor for Grid Expansion?
A report examining the use of the interstate system as a corridor for expansion of the nation’s transmission system concluded it can be done relatively quickly.

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