June 15, 2024


WECC Says Summer Looks Better with Caveats
The Western summer reliability outlook is better than in recent years, but shortfalls could arise because of supply chain problems or scarce imports, WECC says.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
SEIA Predicts Severe Fallout from Commerce Probe of Solar Imports
The solar industry could take a hit if the US Commerce Dept. concludes that solar panels imported from 4 Asian countries are actually Chinese goods, SEIA said.
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Van Welie Calls on FERC to Coordinate NE Winter Reliability Conversations
Multiple cold weather close calls in January highlighted what ISO-NE says are vulnerabilities in the region's grid.
Emissions from New England’s Power Generation Increased in 2021
An increase in natural gas generation in New England in 2021 fueled a 2.6% rise in emissions from the power system, according to ISO-NE.
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CAISO Sees ‘Explosive’ Growth in Storage in July
CAISO said total storage capacity and discharge capability nearly doubled in July compared with a month before in its latest summer market performance report.
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Nevada PUC Calls for Organized Market in West
The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada said a Western market would help alleviate supply shortfalls like those that occurred last August.
Import Cap Likely to Settle About 9,000 MW
PJM is considering five capacity import zones with a combined limit (e.g. import cap) of 8,400 to 11,000 MW, officials told the Planning Committee Friday.
Imports May Clear Lower with Transmission Limits
Capacity imports could clear at lower prices than internal resources under proposed import limits being considered by PJM.
Capacity Market Attracts Praise, Criticism at FERC
Six years after RPM’s inception,FERC convened a technical conference last week to ask the question: How’s the capacity market working for you?
Current Capacity Imports OK: Study
PJM should be able to absorb the more than 7,000 MW of capacity imports that cleared in May’s auction for 2016-17, officials said.

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