June 21, 2024

interconnection reliability operating limits (IROLs)

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PJM MRC/MC Briefs: May 31, 2023
The PJM Markets and Reliability Committee voted to reject manual changes on the synchronized reserve requirement.
PJM Operating Committee Briefs: Dec. 8, 2022
The OC rejected modifications to its issue charge exploring costs for generators deemed critical to maintaining interconnection reliability operating limits.
Lindsey Systems
PJM Operating Committee Briefs: Aug. 11, 2022
PJM's Operating Committee heard proposals on improving the dispatch of renewables, changes to max emergency status and a new cold weather advisory.
Cross-Sound Cable Co.
DC Circuit Shoots down NE Utilities on CIP Cost Recovery Cutoff Date
Utilities cannot recover prior costs of complying with NERC's critical infrastructure protection standards in ISO-NE, the D.C. Circuit Court said.

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