May 23, 2024

interconnection service agreement (ISA)

Center on Global Energy Policy
Study: PJM Queue Wait Times Contributing to Longer Construction Periods
Lengthy wait times in PJM’s generator interconnection queue are interacting with siting and permitting timelines, supply chain disruptions and inflation to contribute to increasingly long construction periods, according to a study released by Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy.
Great Plains Institute
FERC Must Clarify MISO Transmission Funding Decision, DC Circuit Finds
FERC must better explain its decision to give MISO TOs unilateral authority to finance upgrades needed to interconnect generation, the D.C. Circuit said.
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FERC Pauses Transmission Upgrade Charges for NE Solar Dev
FERC ordered New England Power and Narragansett Electric to temporarily cease assessing direct assignment facility charges to a solar developer.
PJM MRC/MC Briefs: March 29, 2021
PJM's Members and Markets and Reliability Committees discussed transmission planning in light of NERC's CIP standards as well as manual revisions.
PJM PC/TEAC Briefs: March 9, 2021
PJM is looking to move forward in the stakeholder process to examine interconnection process reform.
PJM Extends Planning Window After FERC Approvals
PJM will extend the submission window for long-term projects an additional two weeks to account for recent transmission planning rule changes.
FERC OKs PJM’s Market Efficiency Rule Changes
FERC approved PJM’s revisions to its market efficiency planning rules, despite protests from developers that the changes will underestimate needs and costs.
Joseph Jingoli & Son
NJ Merchant Tx Operators Win Relief on Upgrade Costs
PJM must amend interconnection service agreements to allow two merchant transmission facilities to convert from firm to non-firm service, FERC ruled.
FERC Reinstates Md. Solar Project to PJM Queue
FERC granted the request by Dan's Mountain Solar to reinstate its position in the PJM interconnection queue, which the company lost due to delays.

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