December 10, 2023

ISO-NE Markets Committee

ISO-NE May Delay DR Integration into Markets
ISO-NE is considering delaying full integration of demand response into its markets by a year due to uncertainty about FERC’s authority over the resource.
ISO-NE: Reverse Market-Solution Order
ISO-NE asked FERC last week to reverse its order directing a market-based solution for the next winter reliability program.
FERC Orders Market-Based Reliability Program Next Winter in ISO-NE
ISO-NE must find a market-based solution for ensuring adequate generation by next winter, the FERC said last week in a clarification of a previous order.
ISO-NE Gens. Challenge Capacity Rules Ahead of FCA
ISO-NE generators, including NEPGA, asked FERC to change the New Entry Pricing Rule and the Peak Energy Rent Adjustment ahead of February’s FCA 9.

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