June 17, 2024

load shedding

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SPP Board of Directors/MC Briefs: May 7, 2024
SPP CEO Barbara Sugg warned the RTO’s board and stakeholders that the grid operator faces new and stronger headwinds, even as it met its corporate goals’ first-quarter milestones.
PJM Recounts Emergency Conditions, Actions in Elliott Report
PJM released a report on the December 2022 winter storm detailing its emergency actions and recommended changes to its markets and operations to limit the impact of future severe weather.
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
PUCO Staff Clears AEP on June Load Sheds
Ohio regulators cleared AEP of wrongdoing in its response to storms that led to load sheds in June but said it should manage vegetation more aggressively.
PJM Operating Committee Briefs: Dec. 8, 2022
The OC rejected modifications to its issue charge exploring costs for generators deemed critical to maintaining interconnection reliability operating limits.
Gordon van Welie Stares down Another Winter in Charge of ISO-NE
ISO-NE CEO Gordon van Welie talked to RTO Insider about this winter, the clean energy transition and his plans for the future after 20 years in charge.
ISO-NE Shares Lessons Learned from GridEx
ISO-NE will be looking to find ways to improve its 21-day forecast of expected energy deficiencies.
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
PJM, AEP Address Ohio PUC on June Storms, Power Cuts
Powerful June storms and demand surges in central Ohio forced AEP to cut power to 150,000 customers to prevent further system damage, company executives say.
Vegetation Eyed in AEP Ohio Outages Following Storms
AEP Ohio told PJM vegetation was a likely cause of the transmission failures that left more than 240,000 customers without power after storms in June.
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AEP Under Fire as Load Sheds Persist in Ohio
AEP Ohio customers accused the utility of racism for cutting power to poor areas of Columbus following a windstorm while continuing service to the suburbs.
AEP Ohio
PJM Orders Load Sheds in AEP Following Storms
More than 200,000 AEP customers in Ohio lost power after storms damaged multiple transmission lines and forced load sheds on at least three 138-kV lines.

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