June 14, 2024

market seller offer cap (MSOC)

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FERC Rejects Changes to PJM Capacity Performance Penalties
FERC has rejected a PJM proposal to rework the role of performance penalties in its capacity market and how the associated risks can be reflected in seller offers.
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DC Circuit Affirms FERC Order on PJM MSOC
The court reaffirmed FERC's order eliminating the default offer cap, denying generators' claims that the changes to PJM's market seller offer cap deprived them of the ability to set their own rates.
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PJM MIC Briefs: Feb. 8, 2023
PJM's MIC deferred a vote on adopting a problem statement and issue charge to discuss combined cycle modeling in the market clearing engine.
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PJM Stakeholders Discuss Capacity Market Changes After Winter Storm
PJM's Independent Market Monitor has proposed a plan to eliminate performance assessment intervals and related penalties from the RTO’s capacity market.
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PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Jan. 25, 2023
The MRC discussed the market seller offer cap and capacity performance quantifiable risk at the behest of stakeholders concerned about current constructs.
Judges Skeptical of Capacity Sellers in PJM Offer Cap Dispute
Generators faced skeptical questioning from D.C. Circuit judges in their bid to overturn PJM’s capacity offer cap rules.
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Monitor Finds PJM’s 2023/24 Base Residual Auction Competitive
The 2023/24 Base Residual Auction held by PJM in June yielded competitive results, the RTO’s IMM announced in a report released last month.
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PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Sept. 21, 2022
PJM's MRC rejected two proposals intended to allow market sellers to represent a greater degree of the risk they take on when entering the capacity market.
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PJM Markets and Reliability Committee Briefs: Aug. 24, 2022
Load interests continued to oppose PJM’s proposal to change the market seller offer cap, a month after it failed to meet the two-thirds endorsement threshold.
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Change to PJM Market Seller Offer Cap Falls Short
PJM's proposal to change its capacity offer cap failed to win stakeholders' blessing, but the RTO may submit it anyway, seeking a FERC OK for its next auction.

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