December 9, 2023


Port Authority NY NJ
JFK Airport Adding Solar/Fuel Cell Microgrid
New York’s JFK Airport is planning an 11.3-MW microgrid powered by solar and fuel cells to cut emissions and continue operations during power outages.
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GridCONNEXT Digs into Grid-Telecom Convergence
The convergence of the electric grid and telecommunications system is inevitable, critical and underway, says Commonwealth Edison CEO Gil Quiniones.
KB Home
Move-in Date Approaches for Calif. Microgrid Community
Residents will soon be moving into a new microgrid community in Southern California — a project that’s being called first of its kind in the state.
Orange EV
Concerns Arise over EV Truck Impact on California Grid Reliability
As CARB moves toward requirements to electrify truck fleets, concerns are surfacing about the demands large EVs will put on an already-strained grid.
California PUC Orders Procuring 3 GW of Capacity
The California Public Utilities Commission approved proposals to head off capacity shortfalls in summer 2022 and 2023, including increasing demand response.
Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation
DOE Puts $16 Million into Community Clean Energy Plans
The Department of Energy's LEAP program will provide technical assistance to help environmental justice, low-income and coalfield communities develop clean energy projects.
Experts Call for Tx Reinforcements, Microgrids in Gulf System After Ida
Experts say the electric grid needs heartier construction, new technology and microgrids to reduce outages from increasingly common severe weather events.
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Microgrids Face Cost, Valuation Challenges
“Public purpose” microgrids are struggling because of high costs and the lack of a widely accepted resilience metric, speakers told NARUC.
In Maine’s GridMod Movement, Innovating on Flexibility Gains Traction
A growing interest in grid flexibility looks beyond demand management to accommodate and balance distributed generation and loads.
Con Edison
Con Edison CEO Sees Company Future in Clean Energy
Con Edison is staking its future on clean, emissions-free energy, going “all-in” on electric vehicles, energy efficiency and storage, CEO Tim Cawley said.

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