July 21, 2024

Mid-Atlantic Conference of Regulatory Utilities Commissioners (MACRUC)

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MACRUC Panels Discuss Myriad Challenges Facing PJM
Panelists held several discussions on interregional transmission planning, resource adequacy and the risks posed by extreme weather during the Mid-Atlantic Conference of Regulatory Utilities Commissioners (MACRUC) annual educational conference held from June 26 through 28.
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Former FERC Commissioners Share Outlooks with MACRUC
Current or former FERC commissioners  shared their views on the future of RTOs and the relationship between state and federal regulators.
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Overheard at MACRUC 2021: Pandemic Hardships
For the first time in more than a year, regulators from PJM and NYISO joined in person for the MACRUC annual Education Conference.
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PJM, States Discuss Challenges of Transmission Planning at MACRUC
PJM and other RTOs are seeing a “very dynamic” transmission system as older generation retires and a whole new class of generation comes online.
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Interregional Transmission on the Agenda at MACRUC
Relationships between state and federal entities on large-scale infrastructure projects featured prominently at the second day of MACRUC.
In-person MACRUC Conference Scheduled for June
MACRUC announced that its 26th annual Education Conference will take place June 27-30 at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania.
Overheard at MACRUC 2019: The Carbon-free Future
Regulators from NYISO and PJM descended upon the historic Omni Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Va., for the 24th annual MACRUC Education Conference.
NJ Regulator Threatens to Exit PJM Amid States’ Complaints
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities President Joe Fiordaliso is so exasperated by PJM that he’s considering pulling the state from the RTO.
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MACRUC Poses Choice: Markets or Preferred Resources?
Panels at the MACRUC annual summer education session focused on nuclear subsidies and the impact of state policy initiatives on power markets.
PSEG, Dynegy CEOs Provide Clashing RXs for Market Woes
MACRUC attendees heard strikingly different prescriptions for how to fix the wholesale energy markets from the CEOs of New Jersey utility PSEG and Dynegy.

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