July 13, 2024


Federal Court Denies Nuke Petition Extension
A federal judge ruled only the Ohio Supreme Court can determine whether state law thwarted a advocacy group’s ballot petition against nuclear subsidies.
DC Circuit Remands Pipeline Order on Export Issue
FERC failed to explain how it relied on natural gas exports in approving Nexus' gas pipeline in Ohio and Michigan, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled.
Ohio Nuke Ballot Petition Approved
Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost approved a draft petition to repeal the nuclear subsidy program, giving supporters seven weeks to get 265,000 signatures.
UPDATED: Ohio Activist Unfazed by Denial of Nuke Petition
Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost rejected a draft petition to repeal the state’s nuclear subsidy program via ballot referendum, citing factual errors.
AEP Applauds Ohio Bill Subsidizing Coal, Nuclear
AEP CEO Nick Akins praised Ohio’s controversial bill creating subsidies for nuclear and coal plants during the company second-quarter earnings call.
Ohio Senate Clears Nuke Subsidy Bill
The Ohio Senate passed the Clean Air Act to curb state renewable energy mandates and create subsidies for nuclear and coal plants.
FirstEnergy Extends Clock on Ohio Nuke Plan
The clock may have run out for Ohio lawmakers to rescue nuclear power plants along Lake Erie, as a concession to renewable supporters failed to win a vote.
Ohio Nuke Bill — A Worthwhile Tradeoff?
Ohio lawmakers are being asked to trade ratepayer-funded renewable energy mandates for the jobs and carbon-free energy of FirstEnergy’s nuclear plants.
Ohio Supreme Court Overturns FirstEnergy Modernization Rider
The Ohio Supreme Court overturned a 2016 decision by regulators that netted FirstEnergy extra revenue through a distribution modernization rider.
UPDATED PJM: Nukes Keep Energy Costs down, in Theory
Three nuclear plants facing early retirements in Pennsylvania and Ohio would keep consumer costs lower if they stay online, PJM concluded.

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