June 15, 2024

oil-fired generation

PJM Requests 2nd Talen Generator Delay Retirement
PJM has requested that Talen Energy continue operating a portion of its H.A. Wagner Generating Station an additional three years beyond its requested 2025 deactivation date.
ISO-NE Study Highlights the Importance of OSW, Nuclear, Stored Fuel
ISO-NE presented the final stage of its Operational Impact of Extreme Weather Events study to stakeholders at the NEPOOL Reliability Committee on Nov. 14.
ISO-NE Prices Transmission Upgrades Needed by 2050: up to $26B
Transmission upgrades that are needed to avoid overloads in a fully electrified New England by 2050 could cumulatively cost between $22 billion and $26 billion, ISO-NE told its Planning Advisory Committee.
New England’s Reliability During Heat Wave Came with Emissions Spike
ISO-NE fossil fuel generators burned 6 million gallons of oil during the recent heat wave, resulting in a 50% emissions spike over the same period in 2021.
Could Hydrogen Supplant Natural Gas in Power Generation?
The Northeast U.S. could meet its winter peak power needs with LNG rather than relying on oil or coal plants, argues a Houston-based entrepreneur.
Industrial Power Services
FERC Fines Dynegy $569K for Misleading Ramp Rates in PJM
FERC approved an agreement between Dynegy and its Office of Enforcement to settle allegations that the company misrepresented its plants' ramp rates to PJM.
ISO-NE: New England Could Face Load Shed in Cold Snaps
Limited fuel supplies put the New England grid at heightened risk of emergency actions — including controlled outages — this winter, ISO-NE said.
U.S. Air Force
Military not Waiting for Trump’s Resilience ‘Solution’
The military has been among the leaders in seeking to make its facilities more resilient and adding renewable power, energy storage and microgrids.
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Familiar Winter Story: ISO-NE Braces for Gas Shortages
Most RTOs say they are ready for winter but the possibility of fuel shortages during an extended cold spell is keeping ISO-NE officials up at night.
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Overheard at NECA 2018 Fuels Conference
Fuel security and the role of traditional and non-traditional fuels in New England highlighted discussions at the 2018 NECA Fuels Conference.

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