December 11, 2023

Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC)

Settlement Possible Between PJM And Several Generation Owners over Winter Storm Complaints
Several generation companies and PJM have indicated that they will finalize a settlement over the performance penalties the RTO assessed following Winter Storm Elliott.
Dominion Energy
Virginia Utilities’ LMI Solar Programs Not Well Known, Board Told
Virginia utilities are not conducting outreach to offer low-income customers help obtaining solar energy the state's Clean Energy Advisory Board was told.
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PJM MIC Briefs: April 7, 2021
PJM stakeholders questioned whether proposals addressing compensation for reactive power supply and voltage control service should be delayed.
PJM to File Black Start Proposal Without Members’ Endorsement
PJM intends to unilaterally file a proposal with FERC regarding the contentious black start issue, without the endorsement of the Members Committee.
Gen. Owners, Other Suppliers Key to EOL Win
Records and interviews with stakeholders indicate the June 18 vote that could open PJM's end-of-life transmission planning to competition resulted from intense lobbying.
PJM End-of-life Proposals Fail at MRC
A proposal to open end-of-life transmission projects in PJM to regional planning and competitive bidding was narrowly defeated at the MRC meeting.
FERC Rejects Complaints on PJM Seasonal Resources
FERC rejected requests to change PJM’s capacity market rules to accommodate seasonal resources.
TOs Back PJM End-of-life Proposal
PJM’s transmission owners gave their response to the push to open end-of-life projects to competition and regional planning at a special meeting.
PJM End-of-life Tx Proposals Near Vote
PJM stakeholders debated for nearly two hours over three proposals to address transmission owners’ spending on end-of-life projects.
FERC OKs Allocations as PJM Adds $237M to RTEP
FERC approved PJM’s updated annual cost responsibility assignments for projects in the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan over the objections of ODEC.

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