April 17, 2024

PJM Liaison Committee

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FERC Rejects Complaints from IMM, W.Va. PSC Arguing for Access to PJM Liaison Committee
FERC has rejected two complaints from the West Virginia Public Service Commission and the Independent Market Monitor seeking access to PJM's Liaison Committee.
5 PJM States Considering Bills to Require Utilities to File Stakeholder Votes
Legislators in five states in PJM have filed similar bills that would require regulated utilities to submit all of their stakeholder votes publicly with state regulators.
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Monitor Seeks Access to PJM Liaison Committee Meetings
PJM's IMM filed a complaint to FERC alleging that the RTO is in violation of its tariff by not permitting the Monitor to attend Liaison Committee meetings.
W.Va. PSC Files Complaint over PJM Meeting Policy
The regulators contend that PJM is violating its tariff by not granting the PSC access to meetings of the RTO’s Member Liaison Committee.
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PJM Stakeholders, Bowring Debate Monitor’s Budget, Scope During OPSI Annual Meeting
PJM Independent Market Monitor Joe Bowring criticized inquiries into the budget of his firm, Monitoring Analytics, and the scope of its contract with the RTO.
PJM Stakeholders Table WVa PSC Attendance at Liaison Committee
PJM stakeholders tabled a vote on allowing the West Virginia PSC to observe the Liaison Committee, a private forum between members and the RTO's board.
PJM MRC/MC Briefs: March 26, 2020
PJM Board Chair Ake Almgren opened the MRC meeting by introducing a redesigned compliance hotline for personnel and stakeholders to report violations.
PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Jan. 24, 2019
The MRC endorsed a change to align PJM’s Tariff with manual language on the process for requesting incremental capacity transfer rights calculations.
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PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Sept. 27, 2018
The MRC voted on four packages of revisions as part of PJM’s quadrennial review of the VRR curve, but none of the proposals received majority support.

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