June 24, 2024

reliability must-run (RMR)

Consumer Advocates, Environmentalists Urge Holistic Thinking at PJM
The Public Interest and Environmental Organization User Group discussed generation deactivations, filing rights over regional planning and long-term transmission projects with the PJM Board of Managers.
PJM Monitor and Consumers Protest Indian River Compensation Settlement
The Maryland Office of Peoples Counsel and PJM's IMM urge FERC to reject a compensation plan for NRG keeping a portion of its Indian River coal plant open under a reliability contract.
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PJM Stakeholders Considering Changes to Generation Deactivation Compensation and Timelines
PJM and the Independent Market Monitor presented the Deactivation Enhancement Senior Task Force with two proposals to increase the notification generators seeking deactivation must provide PJM and standardize compensation for those that enter into agreements to continue operating beyond their desired retirement date.
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PJM Rejects Storage as Alternative to Brandon Shores RMR
PJM is rejecting a study suggesting it could avoid extending the life of the Brandon Shores generator by installing storage and reconductoring several lines.

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