June 24, 2024

Reliability Pricing Model (RPM)

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Monitor Alleges EE Resources Ineligible to Participate in PJM Capacity Market
PJM's Independent Market Monitor filed a complaint asking FERC to reject all energy efficiency offers into the RTO's capacity market, alleging none of them meet the Base Residual Auction participation requirements.
Following Court Ruling, FERC Reluctantly Reverses PJM Post-BRA Change
FERC partially reversed a 2023 order allowing PJM to modify a parameter for the 2024/25 Base Residual Auction to avoid a substantial increase in capacity prices in the DPL South transmission zone.
Dominion Energy
OSW, Data Centers Loom Large in Dominion’s Outlook
Dominion expects to start installing monopiles for the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project between May 6 and 8, CEO Robert Blue told analysts during the company’s first-quarter earnings call.
PJM Interconnection
Stakeholders Spar over PJM Request to Recalculate Capacity Auction Results
Stakeholders filed comments debating PJM’s request that FERC direct it to recalculate the results of the 2024/25 Base Residual Auction and rerun the third Incremental Auction.
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FERC Rejects Changes to PJM Capacity Performance Penalties
FERC has rejected a PJM proposal to rework the role of performance penalties in its capacity market and how the associated risks can be reflected in seller offers.
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FERC Grants AEP Utilities Waiver of Capacity Obligation
FERC granted American Electric Power waivers to alter the capacity obligation calculation for four of its vertically integrated utilities in PJM to not include load growth outside their territories.
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PJM Members Lobby Board Ahead of Expected CIFP Filing
PJM members recommended various avenues for the RTO's Board of Managers to consider as it weighs a possible FERC filing incorporating components of proposals made during the critical issue fast path process.
PJM Seeks to Delay Capacity Auctions Through 2028 Delivery Year
PJM asked FERC to delay its capacity auctions to give the RTO time to incorporate rule changes to address reliability concerns.
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PJM Board Initiates Fast-track Process to Address Reliability
PJM’s Board of Managers is opening an accelerated stakeholder process to address rising reliability concerns about the RTO’s capacity market.
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FERC Approves PJM Quadrennial Review
FERC accepted revisions to PJM’s tariff that the RTO proposed via its Quadrennial Review of the parameters underlying its Reliability Pricing Model auctions.

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