May 27, 2024

reserve resources

PJM MRC/MC Preview: Sept. 20, 2023
PJM's Markets and Reliability Committee and Members Committee will convene Sept. 20, with endorsement of revised peak market activity rules and issue charges related to generator deactivation rules and reserve certainty on the agenda.
Study: NYISO Dynamic Reserves Could Lower Congestion, Costs
NYISO’s proposed dynamic reserve requirements could result in significant changes in transmission flows and reduced costs, according to FTI Consulting.
MISO Says Dicey Fall Operations Ahead
MISO expects a chance for an emergency every month this fall, with the possibility of burning through the entirety of its emergency resource reserves.
FERC: PJM Excess Reserve Pricing Proposal Deficient
FERC issued a deficiency letter last week asking PJM to justify its proposal for reserve pricing in emergencies.
MISO, Generators Oppose Duke Must-Offer Waiver Bid
MISO and three power suppliers have asked FERC to deny Duke’s request for a waiver from MISO’s must-offer requirement.
NC WARN Asks FERC to Force Duke, Others into RTO
NC WARN asked FERC to force Duke and other utilities in the Southeast to form a RTO to share power reserves, rather than keep building new plants and boosting prices to pay for them.
PJM MRC OKs Change on Reserves; Interchange Limit Falls Short
The MRC approved new rules allowing PJM to increase reserve requirements in emergencies, while a companion measure to limit interchange during emergencies fell short.
PJM Drops Plan for Real-Time Reserve Market
PJM has dropped a proposal to create a new real-time reserve market, bowing to stakeholder concerns over the cost and complexity.
PJM Reserve Proposal Gets OK for Trial Run
PJM won approval of its short-term plan for capturing reserve costs in energy prices after agreeing to a sunset provision that won over load representatives.
PJM Reserve Proposal OK’d Despite Misgivings
Acknowledging they were taking “a leap of faith,” stakeholders last week endorsed PJM’s plan for cutting uplift and capturing reserve costs in energy prices.

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