December 9, 2023

resource adequacy (RA)

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Stakeholders Call for Structural Changes to CAISO’s Resource Adequacy Program

CAISO and its stakeholders are still in the early stages of grappling with how to redesign the ISO’s resource adequacy program to account for rapidly changing conditions on the grid.

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SPP Markets and Operations Policy Committee Briefs: Oct. 16-17, 2023
SPP stakeholders approved two revision requests that set resource adequacy policies, but not before rejecting a compromise position offered by two stakeholder groups.
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MISO Charting Course on Stimulating Generating Attributes
MISO says it continues research to gauge the quantity of generating attributes it might prescribe for its fleet.
PJM Presents Preliminary 2023 Reserve Requirement Study to Stakeholders
The 2023 Reserve Requirement Study, which PJM presented to stakeholders, would lead to an uptick in the targeted reserve procurement level.
PJM Refines Risk Modeling, Stakeholders Begin Final CIFP Presentations
PJM presented new risk modeling figures and updates to its critical issue fast path proposal and stakeholders discussed their own proposals during the Aug. 1 CIFP process meeting.
CCAs Challenge California PUC on RA Ruling
CalCCA is asking California regulators to reconsider a decision that blocks CCAs from expanding if they have had resource adequacy deficiencies in the past two years.
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SPP REAL Team Endorses Winter Resource Requirement
SPP’s REAL Team is taking up multiple resource adequacy issues as it works to ensure the RTO has enough accredited capacity to meet future demand.
SPP Briefs: Week of May 15, 2023
SPP says it expects “normal” summer operations in its balancing authority and reliability coordinator areas this summer, despite a projected drought.
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SPP Issues Resource Advisory for May 8-9
SPP has issued resource advisory for its balancing authority footprint May 8-9 because of an expected shortfall from wind resources and maintenance outages.
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FERC Rejects SPP Self-funding Proposal for TOs
FERC has rejected SPP tariff revisions that would help transmission owners continue to self-fund network upgrades to interconnect generators.

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