July 16, 2024


FERC Issues Transmission Rule Without ROFR Changes, Christie’s Vote
FERC issued Order 1920, its long-awaited final rule on long-term regional transmission planning and cost allocation, but it could not fulfill hopes for a unanimous vote.
FERC Poised to Overhaul Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation
FERC is taking the rare step of holding a special open meeting May 13, a Monday, to vote on a proposal to overhaul its transmission planning and cost allocation rules. 
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DOE Lays out Plans for Designating Transmission Corridors
DOE laid out its plans to release draft National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors this spring, which will then start a process of refinement before they are finalized over several years.
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What are National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors and Why Do We Need Them?
A primer on DOE's proposal for creating National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors.
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FERC Backstop Siting Proposal Runs into Opposition from States
FERC’s proposal to implement its backstop transmission siting authority from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act ran into some opposition from states.
FERC Moves to Implement New Backstop Transmission Siting Authority
FERC approved a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would pave the way for overriding state regulators’ rejections of certain transmission projects.

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