April 15, 2024

RTO governance

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Cupparo Replaces Certoma as SPP Board Chair
John Cupparo has been elected chair of SPP's Board of Directors to replace Susan Certoma, who will remain as a director.
SPP’s MPEC Approves Markets+ Governance Plan
SPP met a major milestone in its Western efforts as a Markets+ committee approved the day-ahead market’s proposed governing document.
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OPSI Annual Meeting Hears Calls for RTO Governance Changes
Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) discussed how the CHARGE Act he has sponsored would improve RTO governance during the Organization of PJM States Inc. annual meeting.
CAISO Sends Regionalization Report to Lawmakers
CAISO sent the California Legislature a summary of recent studies of Western regionalization, information intended to aid discussion of the ISO becoming an RTO.
What’s Next for Massachusetts’ FCEM Proposal?
Massachusetts kicked off the year by giving new life to a longtime goal of many New England energy advocates: developing a Forward Clean Energy Market.
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PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Dec. 21, 2022
PJM's MRC rejected two proposals that would have created a “circuit breaker” mechanism to limit prices during extended periods of high prices.
No Coal, No Gas
Climate Activists Take Over Small Piece of ISO-NE
Activists organized by No Coal No Gas flooded the RTO's Consumer Liaison Group meeting to elect a slate of candidates to its coordinating committee.
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Governance, Resource Adequacy Key to SPP’s Markets+
The proposed governance structure for SPP's Markets+ service offering and resource adequacy are two key differences with CAISO's RTO proposal.
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ERCOT Stakeholders Wait on Bylaw Amendment Changes
ERCOT stakeholders have submitted comments to proposed bylaw changes that have been sitting with the Board of Directors since September.

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