July 15, 2024


Suspect in Vegas Solar Array Damage: Act was Protest Against Old Tech
The man arrested last week in Las Vegas for damaging a major solar facility told police he had “no regret” over the incident.
Patrick Finnegan, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
FBI: Conspirators Planned Grid Attack to Start Race War
Three men pleaded guilty to planning a coordinated attack on electric substations across the U.S., hoping to start an economic crisis and race war.
FERC Nixes Gov’t Veto Power from NERC Physical Security Standard
FERC gave final approval to a NERC standard on physical security without a provision that would have given government agencies the ability to overrule transmission owners’ definition of “critical” facilities.
Superconductor to Strengthen Chicago Grid Against Attack
ComEd is teaming with an engineering company to boost the reliability of Chicago’s electrical grid and protect it against terrorism by installing three miles of superconductor cable beneath the city’s Loop district.
FERC: We’ll Have Last Say on Sabotage Rules
FERC tentatively approved a rule to protect the grid against sabotage threats after ordering changes to allow the commission to overrule transmission operators’ definition of “critical” facilities.
Report: Sabotage Threat Uncertainty Could Lead to Wasteful Spending
Uncertainty over the grid’s vulnerability to sabotage could lead to wasteful and excessive spending, a new congressional report warns.
Physical Security Cure: More Transmission?
Planners seeking to protect the grid against physical threats should consider transmission alternatives as well as security measures, PJM's Mike Kormos told a conference of state regulators.
Grid Security Rules Win NERC Stakeholder OK Despite Criticism
NERC stakeholders last week approved draft regulations to protect the electric grid from physical threats even as many criticized the rules as rushed and poorly defined.
PJM, FERC Defend Reliability Efforts in Senate Hearing
PJM and FERC were summoned to Capitol Hill last week to defend their actions to ensure reliability — FERC in response to sabotage concerns, PJM in the wake of an extraordinary winter that featured more near calamities than a James Bond movie.
IG Faults FERC on Leaked Sabotage Report
FERC lacks proper controls for handling classified national security information, the Department of Energy’s Inspector General said.

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