July 15, 2024


Cherokee County Electric Cooperative Association
UPDATED: Temps, Demand, Prices Soar in Texas
Summer has been late to Texas, but it is quickly making up it with triple-digit temperatures that are leading to four-figure prices in the ERCOT market.
Texas ROFR Law Clouds Hartburg-Sabine Future
The future of MISO’s second competitively bid transmission project could be in jeopardy after passage of a Texas law that grants incumbent utilities a ROFR.
Texas ROFR Bill Passes, Awaits Governor’s Signature
The Texas Legislature on Tuesday passed legislation that gives incumbent utilities the right of first refusal to build transmission projects in the state.
CPS Energy
CPS Energy Shutters Deely Coal-fired Units
CPS Energy is now in the process of mothballing its J.T. Deely coal-fired plant, while NRG Energy intends to retire two gas units at its SR Bertron plant.
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ERCOT Faces Tight Summer Margins, Market Changes
ERCOT is preparing to take on the Texas heat again in 2019 with reserve margins that have shrunk even further than last summer's.
Texas PUC Briefs: Dec. 7, 2018
Texas PUC Chair DeAnn Walker urged ERCOT to gain a “better sense” of the distributed resources and self-generation that could be affecting its system.
ERCOT ‘more than Sufficient’ on Reserves
The current ERCOT market design “will support more than sufficient reserve margins,” according to a draft report the grid operator filed with the Texas PUC.
Overheard at the GCPA 2018 Fall Conference
The 33rd Annual GCPA Fall Conference attracted more than 640 registered attendees to Austin, Texas, for discussions on the issues facing the ERCOT market.
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Overheard at the Infocast Texas Renewables Summit
Infocast’s Texas Renewable Energy Summit attracted developers, potential off-takers and other industry insiders to the state’s capital.
Mexico Ministry of Energy
FERC OKs DC Tie Operations Between Texas, Mexico
FERC granted AEP Energy Partners’ request to transmit power between ERCOT and Mexico over existing DC tie connections.

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